Venue details

The Day Before

Everything will be set before you arrive the day before your wedding, ready for you to get into and start decorating! We will certainly be there to help you if you need, though this is a great day to fluff around with your tribe, adding all those final touches!

On The Day

After you enjoy your included cooked breakfast in the Inn, you can then head back to your room and begin getting ready for your big day! With hair + makeup coming to you, why not have a champagne breakfast and genuinely enjoy every aspect of your day, stress free!

The Day After

No need to pack up your decorations until the next day! We will gather most of what is left on the tables and place up the back for you in the morning. We just ask that any decorations that have been used of ours, have any blu-tack/sticky tape removed and placed up on the back bench ready to be packed away.

Please note – if any blackboards have been written on with chalk board paint and will have to be resprayed/painted, this will be charged to your provided card, as well as if any other damages were made to the venue’s decorations. All rubbish from the rooms, such as coat hangers, dress tags, shoe/flower boxes, bottles etc are to be taken to the bins. Please ask if you need a garbage bag to collect. A cleaning fee of $100.00 will be deducted from your provided credit card if the rooms or Inn have been left in a poor state.

Noise & Curfew

We are a kid friendly venue and licensed to midnight, so this is when all music should be off and guest that are not staying in the Inn should be off the property. 11.30pm is when the last bus, or transport should be taking the last of the guests’ home. Please note the council will fine us if these rules are not strictly adhered to and this will be forwarded onto you if not followed. We are kid friendly and don’t hold a child curfew.

Maximum & Minimum Numbers

Our barn can fit a maximum of 100 guests, with a bridal table no bigger than 12, and using the maximum numbers over our large pine tables with configurations being – 5 x tables that max 12 and 2 x tables that fit max 14. If you wish to fit up to 100 guests in the barn without the additional use of an adjoining marquee, you will not have space for a band/live music, juke box or photo booth in the barn.

We could then move a table out for dance space, or if the weather is fine, there is a paved area (4x4m) just outside the barn doors for an outside dance area. For more than 100 guests, or 100 plus live music etc a marquee will need to be hired Blue Mountains Special Event Hire have put all marquees up at Collits Inn to date! The free-standing marquees butt right up against the barn once the barn doors are removed, making for a continued space rather than two separate rooms. The maximum being 150 guests and our minimum numbers are 40 (no less or in between).
Get in touch with us about recommended Marquee Sizes 

Dance Space

If using all space in the barn, we will either move a table out for the dance area, of if the weather is fine, the barn will be opened for the use of the outside paved area ‘dance floor’. If you don’t like the idea of a table being moved out or relying on the weather to be clear to use the outside dance floor, you can hire a marquee to adjoin the barn for your dance area.

Check out our Marquee Vendors for options!

Table Measurements & Configurations

Large Pine Tables:

2x tables that fit max 14 Guests. Measurements 1.26m Width x 2.72m Length

5x tables that fit max 12 guests. Measurements 1 m Width x 2.60m Length 


If you have more than 88 guests, we make up the numbers over other wooden tables (fitting max 10 guests )

Bridal Table Measurements; 95cm width, 2.4 M Length x 2 Joined

Diagram One: 80 to 100 Guests – The most economical Barn set up to allow maximum guests

Diagram Two: 60 to 70 Guests – Maximum set up with the Bridal Table between the fireplace & exit  door

Diagram Three: 40 to 70 Guests – 2 or 3 Long tables made up with the large pine tables. This set up can be done with or without a traditional Bridal Table or Sweet Heart Table

Diagram Four: 60 – 70 Guests – Similar to Diagram Two, sacrificing number of guests on a table to allow all guests to face the Bridal Table. Most popular when an additional marquee is needed

Marquee: If additional tables are needed to make up the rest of your guest count, they will be MAX 10 & will generally run the same direction as in Diagram Four. (Same tables + measurements as Bridal Tables)

There is room for some flexibility & integration between theses Floor Plans. Get in touch with any questions!

Diagram One

Diagram Two

Diagram Three

Diagram Four

Photography Credit : Neaton Photography and Film