Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the ‘client’ and Collits’ Inn.

The ‘client’ referred to herein shall be the person/s responsible for payment of ALL charges associated with the wedding booking.

The terms and conditions herein will be binding upon signing (or acknowledgement in email) and payment of deposit. PDF download is available at the end of this page.

Booking Confirmation, Deposit and Final Payment 

To confirm your wedding booking Collits’ Inn requires written confirmation that you wish to proceed (email or mail) together with payment of your deposit. We are very happy to hold tentative bookings for a period of 14 days until we receive confirmation and payment of your deposit. If confirmation and deposit are not received in this time, the date will be released.

We require a deposit of $4000. This may be paid by electronic funds transfer or debit/credit card (EFTPOS, Visa or MasterCard only).
A 1.5% surcharge will apply when making payments using a credit card.

Booking details will be forwarded upon email confirmation to proceed

Credit Card: Transactions may be made by telephone also: (02) 6355 0287 A 1.5% surcharge will apply when making payments using a credit card.

Credit card details are required with any booking as security against damages to the venue along with any unpaid amounts for bar tabs, additional meals or accommodation outside the package inclusions.

All bar tabs and outstanding amounts owed must be paid prior to departure. Any unpaid amounts will be debited from the provided account on the first business day following the event.

➢  Full payment of your wedding is required at least four weeks (1 month) prior to your wedding date. Services will not be provided without the final payment being received.
➢  Any additional charges need to be settled on departure.
➢  Credit card details will be held on file for final seElement purposes. You will be notified regarding any charges processed on your credit card for any breakages, damages or incidentals.

Wedding Details

➢  You are required to provide Collits’ Inn in writing particulars of all entertainment, technical requirements, room set ups, starting and finishing times in connection with your wedding. These details are required at least 1 month prior to your wedding
  Guaranteed numbers – Final attendance numbers must be notified to Collits’ Inn one month prior to your wedding date. Any reduction in attendance numbers within one month will be subject to full contracted amount.
  The use of the grounds at Collits’ Inn is exclusive to the client from midday the day before until 11am the day after. Earlier check in and later checkout can be arranged.


Package Inclusions

Food- Canape’s + three course menu. Entrée’s and Mains are served as share platers to your table, with the desserts being presented as a dessert buffet.
 Drinks- 6 hour total package. 1 hour of beer & champagne served with canapès in the garden after your ceremony, followed by 5 hours in The Barn (Reception).
 Your ceremony on site, which we will set up for you, wooden bench seats for seating for several guests (approx. 50) with the use of other wooden chairs if needed, as well as signing table & chairs. We find majority of guests stand at a ceremony, so don’t put chairs for everyone. You’re welcome to use our wooden Arbor to decorate, no extra charge
 On site accommodation the night before and the night of with breakfast included. We can sleep up to 12 guests.
 A large array of decorations for your ceremony, table centrepieces and around the grounds, along with lace table runners, lace for the bridal table with a drop over the front. (Decorations subject to change)
 All wait and bar staff
 Exclusive use of the entire grounds for photos
 Food & Wine tasting for the 2 clients. Extras attending the tasting will be at an additional cost
Our guidance and expertise with planning your wedding right from the beginning, along with our experienced team there on your day to coordinate and ensure everything runs seamlessly

 Cancellations and Postponement

 All cancellations are required in writing
➢  If you cancel a tentative booking before Collits’ Inn has received a booking deposit, you will not be liable for any costs. However, your booking will expire and your event date will be able to be booked by others.
 If you cancel your confirmed booking after the booking deposit has been received by Collits’ Inn, you will forfeit the booking deposit and your booking will expire and your event date will be able to be booked by others.
All deposits / payments are non-refundable.
Any notice of cancellation received within 12 months of your wedding date client will be responsible for payment of 25% of estimated wedding cost.
➢  Any notice of cancellation received within 6 months of your wedding date the client will be responsible for payment of 50% of estimated wedding cost.
Any notice of cancellation received within 3 months of your wedding date client will be responsible for payment of 75% of estimated wedding cost.
Any notice of cancellation received within 1 month of your wedding date client will be responsible for payment of 100% of wedding cost.
A postponement may be available on request, however charges may apply and any deposit / payments are only transferable for an alternative date subject to availability and for a period of 6 months from the original date

➢  This clause applies at anytime that the COVID-19 Pandemic has an impact upon an event booked by the customer at Collits Inn.
If there is any inconsistency between this clause and any other provision of these terms and conditions, then this clause will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.
If an event cannot take place due to restrictions imposed by public health orders or other similar government directives, the customer will be entitled to request that the event is moved to a different date. Collits Inn will provide a list of alternative dates, but does not warrant that any dates specifically requested by the customer will be available.
Collits’ Inn will waive their general 6 month requirement for postponements due to COVID-19, and any payments will be fully transferable to future dates.
Collits’ Inn will not impose any fees or charges for the change in date, but will hold no liability for any fees or charges imposed by third party suppliers due to a change in date.
If the customer decides to cancel their event despite alternative dates being available, the above cancellation policy will apply unless otherwise agreed in writing by Collits’ Inn

If an event takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer warrants that

They will comply with, and ensure that all of their guests comply with, all government restrictions and recommendations in relation to the number of guests permitted to attend the event, social distancing and hygiene.
They will comply with, and ensure that all their guests comply with, all reasonable requirements of Collits’ Inn in relation to COVID-19 safety, including but not limited to any COVID-19 plan Collits’ Inn has in place during the event.
They acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic can change rapidly, and any associated restrictions and recommendations may change without notice.
Collits Inn with notice of one (1) week, will refund payments for guest numbers in relation to government restrictions and recommendations which may reduce our capacity.
Names and contact details of all guests and third parties attending the property throughout the entirety of the event must be provided to Collits’ Inn at least one (1) week prior to the event, and no person may attend the event unless their name and contact details were provided.
Any activities that may breach social distancing recommendations and requirements are not permitted.


    Cancelation after postponement
      If an event is canceled by the client after a postponement date has been agreed upon, the original cancellation policy will apply. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Collits’ Inn.
     Any cancellations after postponement will be subject to a minimum 50% of estimated cost payment. And then subject to our cancellation timeframe.

    Conduct at venue
      Collits’ Inn is a private property
    No alcohol or food is to be brought into the venue unless prearranged
    ➢   No confetti, rice or similar are permitted to be thrown, however rose petals, bubbles and eco-confetti are acceptable.
    The client shall conduct the event in an orderly manner and ensure compliance by all persons in attendance.

    Representative(s) of the venue shall be entitled to remove any persons whose behaviour is objectionable, improper or undesirable.

    ➢ Collits’ Inn does not accept any liability for injury to persons or damage to equipment and belongings brought onto the property.
    ➢ Marquees or other structures are at the clients expense and responsibility.
    While the client has full access to the property for the purposes of photography, the client and contractors must obtain prior approval for entry into the paddocks containing livestock or the homestead building.
    Any costs associated with loss of, or injury to, livestock or damage to the facility (including accommodation ) occurring during the event as a result of actions of either the client or the clients guests and contractors will be the liability of the client

    Alcohol and liquor licence
    Collits’ Inn is a fully licensed venue; we will discuss alcohol requirements with clients prior to booking.
    Collits’ Inn is bound by the provisions of the Liquor Act 2007 and will enforce the Act.
    According to this legislation Collits’ Inn reserves the right to refuse service and/or exclude or eject any guest from the premises if deemed to be intoxicated, unruly, aggressive or destructive.
    Strictly no service of alcohol beyond 2400 hours (midnight)
    All guests (excluding booked accommodation) are required to leave the property by midnight


    For guests staying at Collits’ Inn overnight, the rooms are available between check-in from 2pm and check out an 11am. Early check-in or late check-out can be arranged subject to availability.

    All accommodation is included in your wedding package

    All overnight bookings receive a full cooked breakfast at a time discussed with Collits Inn. Dietary requirements of guests is requested

    Unforeseen Circumstances / Inclement or bad weather
    Collits’ Inn reserves the right to cancel any booking and refund any deposit/payment at any /me should an unforeseen event beyond the venue’s control occur – Including major incidents, natural disasters, terrorist or criminal activities.
    Collits’ Inn will not be responsible for costs incurred or compensation for any unforeseen circumstances affecting the client
    Collits’ Inn is partially an outdoor venue and is not responsible for any adverse weather conditions or finding alternative location
    Outsourced structures as precaution must be arranged by the client and remain the responsibility of the client until removed by contractor

    Surcharges / Public holiday

    ➢  A 20% Public Holiday surcharge will apply on the total amount

    Package / Price Variations

    ➢ Whilst every effort is made to maintain prices as printed or quoted, they might be subject to increase without notice to cover unforeseen price rises.

    ➢  Approval is given to use the specified area with the understanding that you have accepted to indemnify Collits’ Inn in respect of any claims for cost, charges, personal injury and or damage to property or persons as a result of, or attributed to your use of the venue.
    ➢  By payment of the deposit the client agrees to assume full responsibility for themselves, their guests and service providers for any injury or damage that may occur as a result of their event and will be held liable to pay for any resulting damages.
    ➢  Collits’ Inn reserves the right to make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions if required at any stage and will provide the client with written notice of any changes to these terms and conditions, for your acceptance.

    Photography Credit :  Fiona and Bobby Photography, Maple and June Photography & Neatson Photography