our story

In 2014 Chris, Cheryl, Steve and Caitlin were given the opportunity to take over Collits’ Inn and turn it from a private residence into a Wedding Venue.

With over 40 years of combined hospitality knowledge, their love for good food, wine and beer (Steve even has his own hop garden around the back), they knew, as a team, that they were well-equipped to build something truly unique.

And here’s how it began…

For as far back as Chris can remember, he has always loved cooking (a love which originated in his Mother’s kitchen), and though he had worked as a coal miner to support his growing family, his passion always lied with the culinary arts.

This passion led him to a career as a chef, and later, to own and operate several pubs and restaurants across NSW with his wife Cheryl while they raised their three children.

One of whom, Steve, grew up washing dishes in the family restaurant for pocket money, and had also inherited his Mum and Dad’s flare for hospitality. After graduating from high school, Steve went on to study hospitality management and take on senior roles in hospitality management across the Newcastle region and then, as fate would have it, Gold Coast, where he would meet his future partner, Caitlin.

Originally from Port Macquarie, Caitlin made the move to the Gold Coast when she was 18 to study Beauty Therapy. Caitlin worked in pubs and clubs while she studied, at first as a means to an end, but once she graduated, she realised that her passion lied with hospitality. She soon found herself managing a popular Gold Coast Surf Club where she met Steve, and as they say, the rest is history!

Fast forward to 2014 and Steve, Caitlin, Chris and Cheryl put their years of experience, and passion for hospitality together to create Collits’ Inn Weddings. A genuinely unique historical wedding destination like no other.

They’re proud to be part of the next chapter of the amazing history of Collits’ Inn, and to create magical memories for their couples who choose to have celebrate their nuptials at Collits’.

Having forged the perfect alchemy between their unique skills, passion and experience, and the amazing location at Collits’ Inn, they look forward to many more years of connecting with amazing couples and creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

When they’re not working with their couples, you’ll find Chris with a red wine in hand doing a crossword on the veranda. Cheryl, tending to her many farm animals, looking after the grandkids, or traveling to New Zealand with Chris to visit their eldest son.

When Steve and Caitlin aren’t working, they’ll be tasting a few cold ones at the local Pub after taking the kids bushwalking, or out on the coast to get that ocean fix!

Photography Credit : Shenay Louise Photography