decor for hire

festoon lighting

For that extra night time sparkle! 40 metres of lighting that string off the barn, to three black star pickets up to six times. Cost includes intallation and pack down. 

Cost to hire: $300.00

Copper pipe arbor

Looking for something a little different in a subtle kind of way? This quirky piece will surely do just that!

Cost to hire: $50.00

The Gold triangle arbor

This beauty is sure to make a statement, if you are a little unique in character, and like to do it your way!  The rug and flowers are not included, though I know you’ll  be able to find some fabulous pieces to be styled alongside with one of recommended styling vendors and florists!

Cost to hire: $100.00

The love sign

When your Love is THAT big & you want to make a statement! This stunner can be put up, by us, anywhere you wish on the property.

Cost to hire: $200.00


swing life away

This gorgeous heavy-duty swing is the perfect photo prop for you & your guests. It can sit two people at a time & made of metal with the gorgeous wood seat hand made locally. The neon sign can also be taken off or left on. Up to you & your style! Leave as is, or have your florist decorate!

Cost to hire: $300
Measurements: 2.2 m Height 2.3 m Across

vintage ceremony doors

These stunning, white sanded glass & wooden doors give the perfect vintage or even boho look to your ceremony! What a statement! Flowers aren’t included, though with plenty of amazing florists on our Recommended Vendor list, you’ll be sure to find the perfect creation to add to this piece.
The doors can be set up by us, wherever you wish your onsite ceremony to be!

Cost to hire: $200.00
Measurements: (they’re slightly different in width)
RHS: Width 76 cm Height 2.2 m
LHS: Width 82cm Height 2.2 m

Cutlery & menu pocket

The Hessian & Lace cutlery pouch may just be the finishing touch you are looking for to bring your table decorations together! It fits a double setting plus your menu, with the serviette placed underneath. With 150 available.

We supply paper serviettes, or you can hire fabric as above.

Menus are not included, check out the local businesses on our Recommended Vendor list, that can-do amazing things for you & your signage!

Cost to hire: $1.00 each


white fabric serviettes

If you are looking for that extra touch of elegance to be a part of your table setting, we have available, 140 cotton/polyester Serviettes’.

Cost to hire: $1.50 each

rust cotton serviettes

The perfect stylish addition. Theses gorgeous knotted napkins with that modern cheese cloth look will complete your earthy Mountain Wedding Vibe!

130 available.

Cost to hire: $1.50 each


Macramé curtain

This one-of-a-kind macramé’ hanging was crafted to become a stunning back drop behind the bridal table. Over 2 meters tall & wide, with such delicate detail!

Cost to hire: $100.00